HDTI Succession and Appreciation — Fall 2023

Hastings Trails New Executive Thank our Founding Chair, Cathy Trimble

Cathy Trimble, one of the founding members of the Hastings Destinations Trails, Inc. organization and its first chair was recognized for her perseverance, financial savvy, creativity and unmatched passion for the outdoors and what it offers for recreation, health and wellbeing while molding and making the Hastings Trails organization into a beacon of light for outdoor enthusiasts.  Cathy received a tribute of appreciation from HDTI, and an award of recognition from the Ontario Trails Council as a tribute for her work.   The photo on the right shows Carl Stefanski (Chair) and Dora Yateman (Vice-Chair) of HDTI thanking Cathy Trimble (past HDTI Chair and exemplar volunteer) with a certificate of appreciation.

Many thanks Cathy!  We miss you!