O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area

Operating Dates

Dawn to Dusk


Year Round

Opening & Closing Dates

Please check the O’Hara Mill website (https://www.oharamill.ca/)

Facilities & Activities

Whether walking your dog, getting in a quick jog, or out for a stroll with your partner, there are seven trails, both short and long, running through the forested woods behind the O’Hara Homestead that will guide you through old growth forests, across babbling creeks, around marshes and past old stone fences.

Many of the trails weave through each other’s paths, creating a myriad of route variations. Next time you are exploring our natural setting, take a right instead of a left, you just never know what awaits you on a new trail.



What you'll like about these trails

  • The pioneer village and buildings
  • The gentle pretty walking paths
  • The bridge and mill

General Information

This is truly an area where nature meets history. Explore the relatively short hiking trail and enjoy a peek of the area’s plants and animals while also catching glimpses of the area’s past. The village complex contains eight historic buildings, five of them original structures.