We have found the amount of information available about Ontario’s Trails to be astounding. One of the best resources is the Ontario Trails Council. That website is both a user and operator interface. See link below

We have provided some resources, but mostly what we try to do is point you in the right direction.

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Horseback Riding

Mountain Bike Riding

Rock Climbing

Trail Running


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X Country Skiing

Equipment Rentals

  • The Trips and Trails in Bancroft  has rental cross-country ski equipment.
  • If you’re coming from Toronto or Ottawa, try Mountain Equipment Co-op for renting cross country ski equipment.



Ontario Parks Ski ReportDont Ski Alone

Looking for other related trail websites that get you on the water?



White Water Rafting

Thank You

Investing in the health, wellbeing, and economic growth of Hastings County benefits all of us.

The development of trails and trails activities bring people from inside and outside the geographic area to visit Hastings County.  We hope that the trails will be a gateway to opening people’s eyes to not only the natural beauty of our County, but also local accommodation, restaurants, shopping and services available within the region. Increasing economic activity for these businesses should ultimately bring benefits to the entire community through additional employment, growth and revenue that stays within the County.

The work we do would not be possible without the funders, partners, sponsors and volunteers who support us.

You can’t beat a North Hastings drive — unless you compare it to a North Hastings drive in the fall. There’s something adventurous and wistful about rolling over hills – unsure what you’re going to find. You’re weaving through forests that have been there since long before you, and are sure to be there long after. You’re discovering roads and places less travelled.

Luckily, North Hastings has 14 scenic routes through the north of the county so you can capitalize on the experience without having to plan your day away.

Here is a link your going to want to bookmark, visit the GIS Scenic Routes Mapping System

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