Crowe Valley Conservation Authority – The Gut

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The Gut Conservation Area is a 400-acre site located east of Apsley, ON. This Conservation Area features a parking lot, walking trails, a look out area and a stairway down to the gorge. The “Gut” is a large gorge that the Crowe River flows through for about 230 meters. The fissure that forms the gorge is over 30 meters high and varies from five to ten meters in width. The gorge presents a breath-taking glimpse of this unique terrain. The Gut is a one-of-a-kind, natural wonder that visitors have been escaping to for years. Just a few weeks ago however, the team at Hastings Trails finished carving out a new 5.8km Class 4 Wilderness Trail that meanders along the river, over roots and rocks, and through the dense, quiet forest.  Once you reach the old logging road, it loops back to the parking lot. Although, a much more demanding experience than simply marveling the rushing water and scenic view, the immersive design of the trail is breathtaking in a whole new way.



What you'll like about these trails

  • The Gorge
  • The geology and the rocks
  • Trail diversity and wilderness

General Information

Trail Tip: Official trail markers to be installed shortly, for the time being, follow the easily identifiable pink flags.